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My name is Sunny, I'm 15 years old, and I love to surf. Surfing is my favorite sport and my passion!  It makes for a healthy lifestyle and gives a feeling of euphoria that I want everyone to experience.

Surfing and the surf community are two things that I am deeply passionate about, which is why I started this fundraiser with the goal of saving the Hawaii Surfing Association (HSA) High School Season.  The 2021-2022 season is in jeopardy due to a lack of funds and unpaid fees. This affects high school athletes who won’t get the honor of representing their schools in the water. Until these fees are paid and the needed funds are raised, there will be NO season.

Surfing has not been adopted or funded as a high school sport, so HSA events are the closest things we have to it. They need our support, and we need them.

Thank you for supporting Hawaii’s youth.


Sunny (Class of 2024)


Article: "Hawaii student turns to community donors to help ‘save our surf season’"

WE DID IT!! We've raised the funds needed to save the season!  Additional funds coming in will go to helping youth surfers pay for required CPR and Lifeguard certification classes, and to help pay for next season's expenses. Mahalo! I am so grateful for all your support and generosity, you all are amazing! Sending lots of love your way!  

**UPDATE #2: MARCH 2022**

CARISSA MOORE IS SO AWESOME! She contacted us and asked if she could donate her Yellow Jersey and Pipeline Trophy to our fundraiser.  We had an online drawing to raise funds, and you can view our lucky winner here: www.WinWithCarissa.com 

Big mahalo to Carissa, who generously donated her personal items, personal time, and her special heart to this fundraiser. She's one of the greatest surfers of all-time, and an even greater person out of the water.  A true legend!

**UPDATE #3: APRIL 2022**

News Report: "$15,000 Raised for HSA"

THANK YOU SO MUCH! My sister has been so helpful with this fundraiser, and together we presented a $15,000 check to Wendell Aoki, President of the Hawaii Surfing Association.  Thank you to everyone at HSA, including Uncle Ray Shito, for the framed yellow jersey!

**UPDATE #4: JULY 2023**

NIKE DONATES $25,000!  


WOW! The Nike N7 Fund, which supports indigenous communities, donated $25,000 to support Hawaii high school surfing. I can't believe that together our community has raised over $42,000 and has saved Hawaii high school surfing for many years to come!  Thank you to Nike and to all of you!  (View Press Release)

**UPDATE #5: NOVEMBER 2023**



So grateful to report that the Nike N7 Fund, which supports indigenous communities, has donated an additional $25,000 to support Hawaii high school surfing. Nike has now donated $50,000, ensuring that high school surfers will continue to have competitions here in Hawaii, the birthplace of the sport! We've now raised over $67,000 for Hawaii's youth surfersThank you, everyone

Mahalo to these awesome supporters!

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